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uPVC Front Doors

uPVC Doors are more affordable of the range, visually appealing and are capable of many things. We manufacture many different designs of uPVC doors, and even their glass options can be customised to add more security and privacy. So far, we have over 150 uPVC door designs which are either solid or with decorative glass panels.

At Door Supermarket UK we like to cater to different tastes, from solid to full glass doors; with our large variety of doors you will most likely find a door that you like!

uPVC Front Doors and Frames

We offer our uPVC Front Doors in Rosewood and Light Oak, along with the traditional white finish.  Fitted with a multipoint locking system as standard, these are also available with a security upgrade, which has MDF reinforcements in the panel and an increased number of locking points to included claws and shoot bolts, and a single 1 piece keep. 

Every door we sell on this website comes with the frame, panel, lever/lever handle and toughened, laminated safety glass as standard (where applicable). For extra security, you can opt for a High Security uPVC Door, which will upgrade your locking system from a 6 point (as standard) to a 10 point locking system (high security).

Also, customers are able to customise their door by choosing particular accessories to make their door a bit more personal, e.g: Letter Plate, Knocker or a Spyhole.

An excellent benefit of installing uPVC doors is that they work well for the environment:

  • uPVC can be recycled and have a recyclable lifespan of around 35 years.
  • Our doors that feature glass will have double glazed (filled with Argon gas) and strengthened glass for extra security.
  • Due to the double glazed glass, heat will remain in the home and ultimately reduce your gas bills, while making your house a bit more energy efficient.
  • All of our uPVC Doors come with a 6 point locking system and a lever/lever handle combination.
  • You can choose to upgrade to a High Security uPVC door, where you will instead have a 10 point locking system.


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