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uPVC Back Doors


Because they’re at the rear of the property, many people opt for uPVC Back Doors (and many upgrade to a High Security uPVC door!). As one of the more inexpensive door types out there and with different needs to a front door, uPVC offers a great solution to the back door dilemma. With a variety of glazing options, along with solid panel designs and double glazed doors, we can also provide any uPVC Door Design in a Rosewood or Golden Oak finish. Speak with our colleagues today to find out more.


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PVC Back Doors

Back Doors are often slightly secluded and for those with security concerns; a 10 point locking system may be preferable to the standard 6 point. The MDF reinforced panel that comes with the high-security option also helps to protect against unwelcome visitors. 

Our uPVC doors have a High-Security alternative if you would like that extra protection for your home – especially the rear entrance. Our High-Security uPVC doors contain a 28mm MDF or plywood reinforced uPVC panels (UV stabilised so won’t discolour); box section galvanised steel reinforced frames and a 5 pin anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick lock with multipoint high security locking including hooks.

  • Our PVC Back Doors have all been UV treated to protect against discolouration
  • Every door you see in our uPVC section can be installed as a PVC Back Door. 
  • uPVC can be recycled and have a recyclable lifespan of around 35 years.
  • Like with all of our uPVC doors, our doors that feature glass will have double glazed (filled with Argon gas) and strengthened glass for extra security.
  • Due to the double glazed glass, heat will remain in the home and ultimately reduce your gas bills, while making your house a bit more energy efficient.
  • All of our uPVC Doors come with a 6 point locking system and a lever/lever handle combination.
  • You can choose to upgrade to a High-Security uPVC door, where you will instead have a 10 point locking system.

With so many styles to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. There's a door for every application and every back entrance, no matter what the prominent designs are on your property. 


uPVC Door Prices

  • Our uPVC Doors start at £423 (Including VAT) or £473 for a High-Security upgrade. 
  • You'll pay a set rate for delivery, meaning you save when you order multiple products from us! 
  • You can also opt for our Premier Fitted Service, starting at just £728!


Buy online or buy over the phone thanks to our helpful customer enquiries team. Simply call 0800 955 8959 and you'll be put through to our head office.



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