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Stable Doors

Stable Doors, or Dutch Doors, have been around since the 17th Century, unsurprisingly originating from the Netherlands. They are a practical and stylish addition to your home and can make any house feel like a traditional French cottage, with the top half of the door able to move completely free from the bottom half.

Not only do they allow fresh air to come in through the top section, but the bottom half will also keep dirt from outside blowing into your home. When closed, the bottom half will also keep animals and children inside.

Stable Doors at Door Supermarket

Door Supermarket UK manufacture bespoke measured uPVC Stable doors that allow you to open as one unit (like a regular door), split the top and bottom section or you can choose to tilt open the top section like a window for ventilation.

We manufacture our own uPVC Stable Doors in-house, and we also stock Rock Door Composite Stable Doors, which come with all of the additional qualities that Rock Door Composites provide.

Rockdoor Stable Doors

We offer 3 different styles of Rockdoor stable doors from their ultimate range. Every one of these Composite Stable Doors have a unique carbon fibre reinforced inner frame. They also boast draft proof and insulation technology, giving the Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors the highest security and energy efficiency rating possible.

Why Buy a Stable Door from Door Supermarket?

  • Our uPVC Stable Doors all come with a ten-year guarantee.
  • Our uPVC Stable Doors are Energy Rating A as standard which is generated by an Argon filled double glazed unit, warm edge space bar and the use of a high-quality uPVC plastic.
  • Choose from our range of privacy glass we offer to ensure your door is secure, safe and stylish.
  • All Rockdoor Stable Doors are rated level one for security and are A-rated for thermal efficiency as standard.
  • The double-glazed units used are filled with argon gas and the glass is soft coat.

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, we also manufacture French Doors and Sliding Glass Patio Doors to transform your room even further. Just check our website or call our customer inquiries team on 0800 955 8959.


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