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Rockdoors are the benchmark from which all Composite Doors are judged. Utilising the latest in 21st Century technology, British engineering and top of the range materials; a Rockdoor is simply the best there is. 

Rock Doors - Utilising the latest in 21st Century technology.

Our Composite Rockdoors are different to standard Composite Doors because Rockdoors contain an ‘inner frame’, which makes them impossible to break down as the frame holds all of the inner locking components. Each Rockdoor we manufacture undergoes a series of methodical tests to ensure that they are the highest quality and meet the industry standards.

Available in three classes – Select, Elite and Ultimate – Rockdoor offer thousands of different glazing, colour and privacy glass options, so many in fact that the choice is bordering on limitless. Each of these ranges have their own Energy Efficiency Ratings. Ultimate – ‘A’ Rating, Elite - ‘C’ Rating and Select - ‘E’ Rating. They are also the strongest, most secure door available. With ‘Secured by Design’ locking components, carbon fibre reinforced inner frames and steel keeps, in 2004 not even the Police could break through one of these beasts! 

  • Every Rockdoor is available in 13 colours
  • Our Rock Door collection is also available in four realistic timber-tones; Rosewood, Mahogany, Light Oak and Irish Oak. 
  • 70mm reinforced uPVC outer frame with double weather seal as standard
  • Hardened aluminium threshold, available in three sizes
  • Fully adjustable hook locks fitted with cylinder guard protector and anti-bumping cylinders
  • Scratch resistant panels available in a range of both traditional and modern styles.
  • All of our Composite Rockdoors are built to last, due to their scratch resistant panels, 3mm high impact uPVC skin and double weather seal.

If you’re looking to improve your homes’ security game, we recommend having a Composite Rockdoor installed as they are super strong and robust for anyone to break it. Majority of our Composite Rockdoors contain windows, which are toughened double glazed glass panels; so they are less likely to be smashed.

Our Composite Rockdoors are an excellent option for homeowners who are looking to improve the security and ‘kerb’ appeal of their home.

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