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PVC Doors

PVC Doors are an excellent affordable option for those seeking a replacement door. With an array of glazing patterns and panel styles available, gone are the days where PVC equalled bland. All our PVC Doors are available in light oak and rosewood finishes, tripling the choice available to you. 

There is no difference between a PVC Door and an uPVC Door

Is it uPVC or PVC? Sometimes it’s Upvc! Regardless of the initials or capitalisation used, they are the same thing.

Our uPVC Doors are more affordable of our entire door catalogue; they are visually appealing and capable of many things. We manufacture many different designs of uPVC doors, and even their glass options can be customised to add more security and privacy.

All of ours are UV treated to protect against discolouration and where there are glazed units, these are toughened safety glass units, filled with Argon gas to aid heat retention. An excellent benefit of installing uPVC doors is that they work well for the environment:

  • uPVC can be recycled and have a recyclable lifespan of around 35 years.
  • Our doors that feature glass will have double glazed (filled with Argon gas) and strengthened glass for extra security.
  • Due to the double glazed glass, heat will remain in the home and ultimately reduce your gas bills, while making your house a bit more energy efficient.
  • All of our uPVC Doors come with a 6 point locking system and a lever/lever handle combination.
  • Our PVC Front Doors are all manufactured in the UK and CE Marked, in line with British and European legislation. 
  • A PVC Front Door is one of the lowest maintenance doors available on the market. 

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