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PVC Doors

PVC Doors


There is no difference between a PVC Door and a uPVC Door

Is it uPVC or PVC? Sometimes it’s Upvc, we’ve even seen u p v c and PVCu! Regardless of their order or spacing, all of these abbreviations are referring to Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, the material used in this particular strand of door. They come in many different styles, designs and sizes, so you can find the perfect door for you! 


PVC Front Doors

PVC Doors are an excellent affordable option for those seeking a new or replacement front door. With White, Golden Oak and Rosewood colours and an array of glazing designs and panel styles available, gone are the days where PVC doors looked bland and uninspiring.

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PVC French Doors

Much like our glazed PVC Front Doors, these French Doors feature argon filled double glazed glass panels as standard. Now you can have French Doors that are a great feature in summer, but don’t let you down in the colder months.  


French Doors









PVC Patio Doors

Our uPVC Patio Doors provide a unique entrance to your garden or outdoor space. As with all our uPVC Doors, they are also double glazed and argon filled for thermal efficiency. Their sliding systems are smooth and reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

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uPVC can be recycled and have a recyclable lifespan of around 35 years. Due to the double-glazed glass, heat will remain in the home and ultimately reduce your gas bills, while making your house more energy efficient.

All of our uPVC Doors come with a 6-point locking system and a lever/lever handle combination. Our PVC Front Doors are all manufactured in the UK and CE Marked, in line with British and European legislation. 

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