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Installation Guide

So you've decided to buy a supply-only door from Door Supermarket. Whether this is your first time fitting, or if you've fitted doors for a living, it can be useful to recieve a helping hand. We've consulted all of our professional fitters to put together this Installation guide to refer to when you fit your brand new door!


Measuring For Your Door 

Taking the measurements for your new door can be simple and straightforward. We know that it might be stressful measuring for something that needs to have precise calculations but you will be surprised at how easy it actually is. However, should you have any concerns before starting or during the measurement taking we are only a free phone call away to guiding you through it: 0800 955 8959

There are certain things that need to be noted when measuring for your new door. For example, we need the EXACT measurements of the overall frame before we manufacture your door to get these dimensions follow these simple instructions:

Width Measurements



Once you have the 3 dimensions, take the smallest and deduct 10mm (1cm) to allow for the fitting tolerance and sealing of the door.You need to take 3 measurements at the top, middle and bottom. These dimensions need to be taken from brick to brick. 















 As with the width you need to take 3 measurements. Start with the middle, then left and right (if specified the overall frame height will include a cill).

Again, take the smallest dimension and deduct 10mm (1cm) f for the fitting tolerance and sealing.



Once you have calculated the dimensions needed for your new door, we recommend checking it a second time to make sure everything is accurate. When you are happy you can submit your order online. Double check the information to enter also, as once the order is submitted we are unable to make alterations at our end.

NB* The measurements and door specifications you submit are entirely your responsibility and no correspondence can or will be entered into regarding mistakes, so please be careful – MEASURE TWICE, ORDER ONCE!



 Fitting Your Door

When your new door has been ordered and made by our professional craftsmen, we'llll get it delivered at the earliest convenience to you. Once received, please remove all packaging and protective tape and check the door is in perfect condition.

Before you remove your existing door check is that the new one is correct as per your order specifications as once the door is fitted we cannot offer any returns or alterations.

When it comes to removing your existing door, take extra care not to damage the existing brickwork and plaster when removing the frame as this will result in having to carry out more work. Once the door and the frame are removed, clean off the excess silicon and mastic paste so you have a completely fresh reveal.


Removing Old Door 

Door With a Cill

If your door comes with a cill you will need to fit this first.

  • Place the cill in position and using a spirit level make sure it is absolutely horizontal.
  • Pack or shim as required until it is level.
  • Remove the cill leaving the packing and shims in place and apply a bead of silicon across the brickwork.
  • Refit the cill forming a waterproof seal.
  • Use the spirit level to check the cill and packing remains level.


Attaching The Fixings To The Door

Remove the door panel from the frame by removing the bead and place it to one side in a safe clean place. Now take care to fit the handles and cylinder using the screws provided.

 Adding Door Fixings


Fitting The Door

Now you can concentrate on fitting the door, you will need someone to help you with this part.

1. Place your new door into the opening and check the bottom is level.

2. WITH HELP, open the door whilst holding the door in position.

3. Drill down through the frame into the brickwork approx. 80mm (8cm) in from each side and secure using the frame anchors and bolts.

    • If a cill is in place, drill right through the cill into the brickwork. ALWAYS check the door is staying level and make adjustments as and when needed.

 Fitting the Door Frame


4. Drill and secure the hinged side to the opening using the frame anchors and bolts.

5. Drill and secure the lock side to the opening using the frame anchors and bolts.

6. Close the door and ensure it shuts parallel to the frame.

    • When closing the door, neither the bottom nor the top should seal to the frame first. If this does happen, adjust the lock side of the frame to guarantee even closing.
Drilling in the Frame

7. Take hold of the black plastic packers and position into the door as follows

HINGE SIDE – place one packer vertically and one packer horizontally at the bottom.
LOCK SIDE – place one packer vertically and one packer horizontally at the top (refer to the supplied diagram)
PANEL - place the panel into the opening and test the position adding more packers to the top if the door is too low.

8. Once the door closes and locks correctly – fit the beads and tap them in with a soft-headed hammer.


Fitting the Beads 


9. Use an appropriate screwdriver and adjust the door latch to remove any excess play.

10. Adjust hinges with an Allen Key (‘hex’ key) to ensure a smooth operation.

11. Finally, clean the frame and then seal the door to the aperture using a water-silicone sealant.


 Applying the Sealant


You have now installed your door perfectly and securely!


Remember, if at any point during taking measurements or installation you are unsure about anything, please give us a call FREE on 0800 955 8959 for our expert advice. We are here to help!



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