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GRP Doors

GRP Doors are also known as Composite Doors. Here at Door Supermarket®, we have one of the largest collections of these you could hope to choose from! Glass Reinforced Polymer is the sturdy external skin that encases the Composite Door, not only does it add another layer of security and protection, it also allows for some of the vibrant colours and textures you see on peoples doorsteps. 

GRP Composite Doors

Many people choose a Composite Door over a traditional wooden door due to its material and structure. Wooden doors tend to discolour over time, warp, twist and bow after coming in contact with harsh weather and overall require quite a lot of after care and maintenance. Whereas a Composite Door is weighted to match the weight of a wooden door, but requires minimal after care due to its Gless Reinforced Polymer (GRP) skin; which gives the realistic appearance of a wooden door but is impact resistant, UV stabilised and coloured throughout to ensure that the colour will remain as the years advance.

The Beautiful Range utilises GRP material, coloured throughout the skin to help protect against the appearance of bumps and scratches. It’s also moulded to create a realistic woodgrain effect.

  • GRP Front Doors are also equally at home towards the rear of your property, or for use as a side entrance. 
  • GRP skin is a compression moulded in order to recreate the realistic woodgrain effect our Composite Doors possess.
  • The GRP skin is impact resistant, UV stabilised and coloured throughout to ensure the colour remains as brand new, even after several years.
  • Our GRP Composite Doors are all available with a ten year guarantee.*

*Full written details available on request


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