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Front Doors

Front Doors

We believe Front Doors are the first opportunity for homeowners to display their personality and flare. It's an opportunity that all too often seems to slip by unfulfilled. We see it as our duty to help you make the most of your home's first and most important impression, with a range of doors that offer the perfect combination of style, security and affordability.

We have a large range of Front Doors including; uPVC Front Doors, Composite Front Doors, Patio Doors, French Front Doors, Fire Doors, Rockdoor Front Doors and Stable Front Doors.

Front Doors 

Each of these door ranges has its own unique style benefits and reasons why they’re suited for a particular property or building.

uPVC Front Doors are more affordable of the range, visually appealing and are capable of many things. We manufacture many different designs of uPVC doors, and even their glass options can be customised to add more security and privacy. An excellent benefit of installing uPVC doors is that they work well for the environment:

  • uPVC can be recycled and have a recyclable lifespan of around 35 years.
  • Our doors that feature glass will have double glazed (filled with Argon gas) and strengthened glass for extra security.
  • Due to the double glazed glass, heat will remain in the home and ultimately reduce your gas bills, while making your house a bit more energy efficient.
  • All of our uPVC Doors come with a 6 point locking system and a lever/lever handle combination.

 uPVC Front Doors

For customers that want a Front Door with a creative design, can opt for a super stylish and modern Composite door. Our Composite Door range comes in 16 different door styles, a variety of colours and also, a large range of glass design options too. Many people opt for a Composite Door as they’re customisable to your own design taste, last long even through harsh weather conditions and yet still look like a traditional wooden door. Here are the perks of our Composite Front Doors:

  • Every 44mm Composite Door panel is timber lined to improve rigidity and security and built upon a high insulation core, which provides excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Our Composite Doors have a Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) skin, which is compression moulded in order to create the realistic woodgrain effect our Composite Doors possess.
  • Every Composite Front Door design comes in 7 beautiful colours.
  • This unique GRP door skin is impact resistant, UV stabilised and coloured throughout; which ensures that the attractive appearance of the door remains with you as the years advance.
  • The price you see quoted on every door includes VAT and installation
  • Every door you see comes with the industry standard 10-year guarantee.

 Composite Front Door

A step up of the Composite Door range is our Composite Rockdoors range, which come in three different ranges: Ultimate, Elite and Select. Each of these ranges have their own Energy Efficiency Ratings. Ultimate – ‘A’ Rating, Elite - ‘C’ Rating and Select - ‘E’ Rating. Our Composite Rockdoors have even more choice to customise the door, but have their own benefits.

  • 70mm reinforced uPVC outer frame with double weather seal as standard
  • Reinforced and welded uPVC inner frame with additional lock reinforcement
  • Hardened aluminium threshold, available in three sizes
  • Fully adjustable hook locks fitted with cylinder guard protector and anti-bumping cylinders
  • 50mm thick door leaf with 3mm high impact uPVC skin
  • Scratch resistant panels available in a range of both traditional and modern styles.
  • Beautiful, revolutionary design

 Rockdoors Front Doors

As Rockdoor were famed for their Composite Rockdoors, they decided to branch out and create Fire Doors. Fire Doors from Door Supermarket are a lifesaving defence against blazes and are a legal necessity in many circumstances. Our Fire Doors are FD30s accredited, meaning they resist flames and smoke for 30 minutes (in tests these fire doors surpassed that standard by 25%) each door is hard finished to ensure they are compliant with British building regulations.

At Door Supermarket, we offer three distinct styles of design for Fire Doors; the Colonial, the Jacobean and the Windsor. They are available in a variety of colours, including some stylish and appealing timber tones – with white being the standard interior colour. The door leaf is 44mm thick and is covered with a woodgrain embossed effect skin; giving your door the great look and feel of a timber door but with none of the maintenance issues.

Some facts about our FD30s Fire Doors:

  • All glazing is made using Glaverbel Pyrobelite – which is fire resistant glass that has been tested to all necessary British standards; and meets the integrity and insulation standards required.
  • The glass also offers sound reduction quality, so there is no need to worry about outside noises.
  • Accredited to withstand smoke for over 30 minutes.
  • Our fire Doors contain intumescent strips which foam and swell during a fire, filling the gap between door and frame; ensuring smoke does not get through.
  • Has a woodgrain effect design on all doors, providing the look of timber while upholding the low maintenance levels of uPVC.

 FD30s Fire Doors

Door Supermarket UK manufacture a bespoke kind of uPVC Stable door that allows you to open as one unit, split the top section and the bottom section or you can choose to tilt open the top section like a window if you just want to let some fresh air in. We manufacture both uPVC Stable Front Door and also Rockdoor Composite Stable Front Door, which comes with all of the additional qualities that Rockdoor Composites provide.

We offer three different ranges of Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors; Stable View, Stable Spy and Stable Diamond. Every one of these Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors has a unique carbon fibre reinforced inner frame to help make this the most secure Stable Front Door in all of the UK.

  • Our uPVC Stable Doors are Energy Rating A as standard which is generated by an Argon filled double glazed unit, warm edge space bar and the use of a high-quality uPVC plastic.
  • Choose from our range of privacy glass we offer to ensure your door is secure, safe and stylish.
  • All Rockdoor Stable Front Doors are rated level one for security and are A-rated for thermal efficiency as standard.
  • The double glazed units used are filled with argon gas and the glass a is a soft coat.

Stable Doors


We manufacture and supply a variety of colours and sizes of Shed and Outhouse Doors; providing excellent insulation and security for your property. These doors are all manufactured to the same high standards as our residential selection, with the same virgin uPVC being used in both the panels and the frames.


All of our doors on this site are offered on a supply basis, ideal for those DIY friendly individuals who are eager to save money. But if you’re not one of those people, we also offer an excellent fitted service where you pick the door; we will do the rest. Call us today to find out more about our fitted service. 

  • All our Front Doors for Sale come with a 10-year guarantee
  • Every Front Door on this site has been manufactured in the United Kingdom and is CE Marked.

These Garage Doors are perfect for rear or Front Garage Doors. You can view our full range of Garage Doors right here on our Garage Door page.


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