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Distinctive Doors

In everyday life, we are offered opportunities to personalise our environment, to make a statement and to differentiate ourselves from the pack; so why should your home be different? Distinctive Doors give you that opportunity. 

A door that catches the eye will make your house stand out on the street. Sometimes, a simple splash of colour is all that’s required, at other times a striking glazing pattern may be the difference between ‘just another door’ and one that demands attention. 

Doors of Distinction

We have a range of bright and bold door colours, especially in our Composite Door range including: Light Oak, Green, Red and Blue. These unique door colours are the first step to making a door distinct from other doors as we also have a range of unique glass panel designs and door accessories to choose from.

For our uPVC Doors, we have an option of three finishes; White, Light Oak and Rosewood. Combined with some truly imaginative glazing patterns, uPVC offers an affordable way to personalise your home. With Composite Doors, there are thousands of possibilities in the Rockdoor collection alone! 

  • We can accommodate bespoke glazing requests in order to provide you with your perfect Distinctive Door. Just speak with our enquiries team for more information. 

 Distinctive Doors

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