When searching for the most secure front doors on the market one name is sure to crop up more than any other: Rockdoor.

An unbeatable brand of Composite Doors, Rockdoor are leading the charge in door security. We’re proud to offer Rockdoors as a part of our huge range of Composite Doors, available both on a supply only basis and with our Premier Installation.

So, what makes Rockdoor so special?

The Only Way Through is a Key

Thanks to a long list of security features, the only way to get through a Rockdoor is with a key. These doors are virtually impossible to penetrate and make them the best defence against criminals and thieves.

With a security rating of “1,” Composite Rockdoors are 60% tougher than your average Composite Door. Made from a 50mm door sash with a 44mm rigid core, these doors combine German engineered locks and a multipoint locking system to keep your home safe from attack.

Thanks to a unique s-glazed system, the double glazing in a Composite Rockdoor can’t be popped out of place which is a common tactic used during burglaries. These doors are so secure that emergency services had to receive specialist training to learn how to manoeuvre them.

Stunning Design

Rockdoors combine form and function to give your home unmatched protection with undeniable kerb appeal. Available in 32 styles with a range of 14 colour options, you can customise your Composite Front Door to suit your every need and aesthetic.

There are also a number of accessories available for a small additional cost including knockers, letter plates and spyholes to name just a few.

Keeping your Home Warm

As energy prices continue to soar it’s never been more important to insulate your home, and with a whopping 40% of your home’s heat being lost through your doors and windows this is the perfect place to start.

Rockdoors have the highest door set energy rating of A++, meaning they provide exceptional thermal efficiency. Built with warm edge spacer bars, these doors are manufactured to keep warmth in your home and cold air out.

Rockdoor Cost

Rockdoor ultimate prices, along with all of our Composite Front Door prices are available online. With a price inclusive of measuring, VAT and (with our Premier Installation) fitting, there are no hidden costs at Door Supermarket. Just low prices you can depend on.

Our Rockdoor prices are some of the cheapest available, so if you’re searching for the best door for the best price then look no further.

Visit our website today and discover the front door of your dreams. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0800 955 8959