Here at Door Supermarket we’re passionate about doors, so it’s no wonder we know quite a lot about them! Check out these weird and wonderful facts that you didn’t know about this everyday household feature.

1 Europe’s oldest door is estimated to be 5,100 years old

…And we thought the 35-year lifespan of our Composite Front Doors was good. The oldest door was discovered by archaeologists in Zurich with well preserved hinges and intricate design.

2 The world’s largest door belongs to NASA

Thanks to our wide range of uPVC Front doors and Composite Front Doors, we can accommodate almost every opening – but maybe not this one. The VAB high bay doors at NASA are 525 feet tall and 518 feet wide, making it the largest door in the world.

3 40% of your home’s heat can be lost through poorly insulated Windows and Doors

An insulated home is a warm one, and that’s why every Front uPVC Doors, Modern Composite Front Doors and Rockdoors come with superior insulation.  

4 Over a third of burglars come through a door to break into your home

Keeping your home safe is as simple as a new Front Door. One of the safest doors on the market, Door Supermarket are proud suppliers of Rockdoors where the only way through is with a key.

5 The oldest door in the UK is located in Westminster Abbey

As the oldest Anglo-Saxon door in the country, this door was made all the way back in the 1050s.

6 The band “The Doors” based their namesake on the book The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley

The book, published in 1954, chronicles the author’s experience whilst under the influence of the psychedelic drug “Mescaline.”

7 CG Johnson invented the first overhead door in 1921, 5 years later he invented the first automatic garage door

While CG Johnson invented the first electric garage door, it wasn’t until Era Meter Company offered one after WW2 that they became more popular.

8 In NYC revolving doors must not exceed 15 rotations per minute

New York City is well-known for it’s fast-paced, 24-7 atmosphere so it’s no big surprise that the city has a standard revolving door speed to keep that momentum going.

9 Therapists having a saying “doorknob moments” that refer to those outrageous comments’ clients will make on their way out of appointments

The phrase is common amongst psychiatrists and therapists alike, as most people wait till, they’re just about to leave before saying something important. This can often lead to the appointment being extended.

10 Harry Houdini worked at a locksmith shop when he was 11-years old

While we’re sure our locks are so strong even Houdini couldn’t break them, back in the day a younger Harry Houdini worked at a locksmith where he first learnt the tricks of his trade.

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