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Choosing a uPVC door fitted and supplied by Door Supermarket

When it comes to uPVC doors and frames, Door Supermarket are industry leaders. With over two decades of experience, a team of dedicated craftsmen and unbeatable dedication to quality, it’s no wonder Door Supermarket are leading the charge in uPVC door fitting and supply.

There are many benefits to choosing uPVC external doors fitted by Door Supermarket, here’s some of them. 

New Year, New Door

Why not start out the new year by making a long-term investment in your home? A resolution you can actually stick to, that will increase the property value of your home and keep you safe for years to come. 

The Gift of a Made-to-Measure Front Door

At Door Supermarket, we make every single one of our doors by hand to fit your homes exact needs and specifications. What better gift could your home benefit from than a front door that solves all of your thermal efficiency, security and style problems in one?

With over 20-years of manufacturing experience behind us, we’ve perfected the door making process so that it’s as consistent, efficient and effective as possible. This means that regardless of which door you choose, a front door from Door Supermarket will always be the right choice. 

Getting Up Close and Personal with our Composite Doors

At Door Supermarket, we have hundreds of cheap composite doors in a range of designs and styles to choose from. With all of this variety, you might think it would be difficult to choose, but not at Door Supermarket.  

Whether you want something traditional, show-stopping or just a little bit different our easy-to-use website is designed to make the door buying process a breeze. And with our knowledgeable team only a phone call away you could be discovering your dream door sooner than you’d expect.

But if you’re still struggling to choose, let’s take a deeper look at some of our more popular, unique and stunning designs. 

Christmas Burglary Spikes: How to keep your home safe from theft

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, with a celebratory atmosphere in the air and our homes adorned in colourful decorations it’s easy to forget that this season isn’t just all tinsel and carol singing.

Unfortunately, along with all of the festive cheer, this time of year also brings along a spike in home invasions and burglary. And as we start to litter our Christmas tree with beautifully wrapped gifts, it’s easy to see why.

Keeping our homes safe from attack is a daunting task, but needn’t be with a front door that is strong, sturdy and secure. That’s why Door Supermarket is one of a few trusted Rock Door suppliers in the UK. 

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