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What are uPVC Windows?

At Door Supermarket, we don’t just manufacture a range of high-quality uPVC and Composite Doors, we also make uPVC Windows that achieve the coveted A-rating for thermal efficiency.

We use the same manufacturing methods and high-quality materials in our windows and doors and it shows. Each are a testament to how far uPVC has come since it’s troubled days in the 1970’s. 

Composite Front Door Fitting for Beginners

With such an extensive collection of Contemporary Composite Doors comes an extensive knowledge of the industry. With over two decades of door fitting experience we know the installation process inside out, so if you’re planning on Front Door fitting on your own, without the help of our Premier Fitted Service installers, then this is the blog for you!

What Are PVC French Doors?

There are a number of names for uPVC Doors and we’ve seen them all. There are u p v c front doors, uvpc front doors, PVCu Doors and PVC Doors. They are all misinformed ways of writing uPVC, which stands for unplasticised polyvinylchloride; a specially formulated material that is used in door and window manufacturing. 

Buying a Rockdoor, All You Need to Know

When you commit to buying a new door, you want assurance that it will stand the test of time, serving as a secure protector of your home that can also save you money on energy bills. This is becoming a standard for the modern front door to uphold. However, some go above and beyond this standard

The uPVC Door: A Design Staple

They say that ‘those who are happy at home are happy in themselves.’ At Door Supermarket, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why our uPVC Doors have been specially selected to include some of our favourite designs and configurations, so you can be proud of your home. 

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